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This week has been a little rough. It started off with a low-grade fever that stuck around for a couple of days. I slept on my right arm and it's hurting again. It feels like I've undone all the progress I've made. Even as I type this, I wonder if I should be sitting, cradling it instead. The other night, I had trouble sleeping because my arm was hurting and I was stressed about finding the right medical personnel to help me.

The next morning, I woke up early, still stressed. As I got dressed, I was reminded of an important fact: God is in control. Even if I'm in pain for a while, even if my arm doesn't heal soon, God is good and He wants good for me.

Yesterday, I called around and found a Physical Therapist I'm going to try to see sometime soon. I would really appreciate your prayers that I have wisdom on who to see and the further treatment of my arm. Prayers would be appreciated.

The one good thing about all the downtime? I got a lot of reading done.

Books I've read.
This is the sequel to a book I loved The Last Summer. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't as good as the first one.
My review | Amazon

This book well written and I loved the author's style. I'll be reading more by this author soon

This wasn't very long, but it was really cool how the author tied two classic stories together.

 A fun collection of flash-fiction collection

 This is a picture book to introduce youngsters to a historical character.
My review | Amazon

This was a very fun spy story.

And this was a fun spy novella

This was written for ministry workers, but I felt it was valuable as an author

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