5 Ways to Support Your Single Friends

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So you are looking to support your single friends. You might be married or single yourself, but just not sure how to help out. I mean, for some singles, this is a hard month. Others, this month isn't very hard, but there are still hard days. Here are five ways to support your single friends.

1. Don't spend all your time talking about relationship status. When you start off conversations or visits by asking if they've met any new guys/girls, it can be a barb. Now, that doesn't mean every time you ask, it hurts, but make sure this is a small part/not the first thing you want to know. Remember, they are pretty awesome on their own, right?

2. Remind them what a blessing they are, just as they are. Giving them compliments, getting excited about what they can do as a single, and encouraging them that they are pretty amazing is something they need. In a culture that puts a lot of value of a person on their ability to attract another person, reminders of a single's value are needed.

3. Avoid common comments that don't help. I know this is broad, but let me give you a few examples
              "The guy/girl is right around the corner." You don't know that. Believe me, this is a very hollow phrase.
              "You are still young." Any variation of this phrase is extremely unhelpful and invalidates the person's pain. I don't care if the person is eighteen or thirty-eight. They are grieving the death of the dream they would be married by that age. Stating the fact they are still young will not endear you to them.
              "You just need to_____." Not helpful. 
              "I wish I had your freedom/wait until you have a husband and kid, then you'll wish you were single" Also, not helpful and kinda insulting

4. Point their focus upward. It's easy for people to get discouraged All of use need to be reminded that this life is not about us. We need godly friends to point us toward Jesus who: Withholds no good thing, He is working all things out for good, He loves us with an everlasting love

5. Remind them often of hope. This means reminding them that their hope is built not on their Facebook relationship status, but on Jesus. It also means to remind them that God has wonderful plans for them. No matter what their age, that may include a wonderful guy/girl to share their life. Hope is a very precious thing. Help keep it alive. 

What do you think the best way to support singles is? 

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