10 Classics to Read in 2020

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Have you made a resolution to read more classics this year? I did that for a few years in a row but didn't do it because I was intimidated. It wasn't until my friend Kelsey and I started reading together that I finally did it. I've discovered some amazing books and authors. If you are ready to read in, here is a list of both serious and light classics. 

This is an allegory of the Christian life. I learn new things every time I read it.

If I ever write an autobiography, I want it to be like this. Everything in this book leads back to Jesus. I highly recommend the Penguin Classics edition. 

This has been a favorite for years. Such a sweet story of sisters.

This is one of the most underrated Jane Austen story. I think you have to read it to really understand it.
This is a very fun adventure story. It's an easy read.

This book took me off guard. It is a powerful story if a little hard to read.

While I had a little trouble getting into this book, It is a story loved.

Not only is this a good book, but this audiobook read my BJ Harrison, is amazing!

This book affected me deeply. It's worth the time to read.

The Mark of Zorro
This is another very fun story, and again, I recommend the BJ Harrison audiobook 

What is your favorite classic? What is one you would like to read?

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  1. Nice picks. "Little Women " is a classic that everyone should read.

  2. Thank You for this list. I have read a few of these books.