Hope ~ My word for the year

1:00 AM

As I was making plans for this year, I prayed that God would give me direction. The word hope kept popping up. As I sat a few days before New Years, I didn't feel hopeful. I was discouraged about my arm not healing quickly, I was sick, and I saw several challenges up ahead. Again, I found the word hope springing up.

I was reading in Psalms and I saw this:
As for me, I will always have hope;
    I will praise you more and more.
Psalm 71:14

This psalm was written at a difficult time, calling for the writer and reader to have hope. The words resounded in my heart. With God, I can always have hope. Then, on New Year's Eve, I was blessed by time with one of my dearest friends as we shared stories of how God used each moment in the year for our good. Talk about something that builds hope. 

This year, I am working to cultivate godly joy and rebuild my hope.  I want to grab hold of the fact my hope is built on Christ and know that means wonderful things can, and will, happen. 

I'm learning. I'm seeing progress. One of the ways I'm doing that is trying to sing more and repeat God's truth to myself. Right now, Christ the Solid Rock is my favorite. I mean, could the opening line be any more perfect to remind me of my goal?

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