Jonas and Olivia by Victoria Minks: A Book Review

1:00 AM

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Age Appropriate For: All Ages
Best for Ages: 10 -20

I’ve been really happy to have Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been able to read so many books that have been sitting on my to-read list for so long. This book was one that was recommended to me quite a bit a few years ago. I can see why.

This book has a very sweet feeling about the whole thing. It isn’t a romance, it isn’t preachy, and it isn’t lacking in interesting things going on. It had a Heidi feel about it as Olivia is such a dear young girl and Jonas is such a gruff old man.

While not preachy, this book did have a wonderful faith element. It was perfect for a younger audience, but also solid enough for older readers to still appreciate it. I think parents will appreciate that this is a very clean, faith-filled read.

The setting is America during the Revolution, but that didn’t factor hugely into the story, but added a very nice backdrop. Knowing it was going on also really helped to showcase what kind of a person Jonas was.

I highly recommend this book for younger readers, those who are looking for a story with a sweet feel, and those who like stories that are free of romance.

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