Welcome 2020

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I like concrete goals. I like things that are easy, at a glance, to see if you reached them or not. This year, I know plans have to be fluid. I have to allow my arm time to heal. I have to plan on the fact I won't be able to write much. So, my goals this year are important but less concrete. Here they are:

Joy is so important, but I allow things to steal my joy. I often start staring at the waves, instead of my Saviour who is walking on them. I want to cultivate a heart that brims with the joy of the LORD. After all, the joy of the LORD is my strength (if I let it). 

Due to disappointment and pain, I've noticed a lot of negativity and harshness seeping into my words. I know that much of that will change as I cultivate the joy of the LORD in my heart. However, I want to also make sure that my words are building others up.

With a lot of downtime, I feel like this is the perfect time to seriously tackle my To-Read pile. I'm really excited and nervous about this goal. It's big, but I want to push myself.

I haven't read straight through in a while. I got a bit of a jump start, I'm hoping that will help me keep on track. 

 I might not be able to write at the moment, but I have a lot of books out there. I want to diligently work on promoting them.

I tend to hide away when I'm in pain or going through a hard time, a habit I cultivated to keep me from hurting people with careless words and my love for alone time. However, I want to stop hiding, be more giving, and deal with the root cause of many issues.

I think that this goal is a very important one. I tend to become focused on myself when things are even a little tough. I think a big part of many of the other goals I have will be seeking ways to serve others and not be so focused on me.

What are your goals, resolutions, or dreams for 2020?

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  1. Wishing you a year of reaching your goals. Thank You for opening up and sharing your most inner thoughts.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and goals. I want to try to exercise a little. I want to learn to sew.

    1. Sewing is a lot of fun! I wish you lived close so I could teach you.

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  3. Great goals. I've set myself some for the year as well.