10 Historical Fiction Novels to Read in 2020

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Still deciding on what to read this year? Here are some historical fiction books you might want to consider. 
1. Christy by Catherine Marshall
This is the fiction book this has been my #1 favorite for years. I get new things out of it every time I read it. 
Read my review HERE.

This is a sweet love story and full of wonderful lessons on the backdrop of World War II.
Read my review HERE.

This book not only is faith building and well researched - it's also an emotionally powerful book.
Read my review HERE.

White is a talented author and this book shines. I've already read it twice.
Reach my review HERE

This is a powerful story of faith, and what it might have been like before the flood.
Read my review HERE.

This book, this series, is like having new Jane Austen books to read. It's written in the 

This is a powerful story that deals with the slave trade and the grace of God.
Read my review HERE.

This is a story of a broken family, struggling during the great depression. It's also about how the grace of God transforms us.
Read my review HERE.

9. The Messenger by Siri Mitchell
A spy book where one of the spies refuses to lie? This Revolutionary War novel that deals with tough questions and tests of faith.
Read my review HERE.

10. Suit and Suitability by Kelsey Bryant
I love all the books that are part of the Vintage Jane Austen, but this is a favorite.
Read my review HERE.

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  1. What a fun list. I've read six of these, and I concur with your recommendations. So honored to be included! Thank you!

  2. Hi Sarah;
    Thank You for this list. The books all look like good reads.

  3. Sounds like a list of my kind of books. Have a great 2020. God Bless.

  4. I picked up The Lost Heiress in my library's book sale last year, and I'm definitely hoping to read it soon!