My Upcoming Jane Austen Story

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So I've been talking a lot this week about Emmeline and The Vintage Jane Austen series. I've also been talking a lot about my love for Jane Austen. So, I thought this would be a great time to talk about my upcoming story, releasing this fall, based on a Jane Austen book.

Some of you read A Very Bookish Christmas. Most of you probably at least heard about it. Well, I'm happy to say it was a success and I and four other authors will be releasing A Very Bookish Thanksgiving this fall!

My story is going to be based on Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. Annalise is the main character and she comes from a pretty messy family. She lives and works at a Christian camp near Lost Maples State Park in Texas which is run by a pretty amazing family. Torn between two worlds, loving someone who is out of her reach, Annalise is struggling to be thankful.

While I can't do a lot of writing right now due to my arm injury, I'm busy plotting and planning. I'm really excited to be working with another Jane Austen story, as well as doing another Bookish holiday collection.

Are you excited about A Very Bookish Thanksgiving?

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  1. Oh, I'm excited! Are the same authors going to be in this collection, or are there going to be different ones?

    1. Some of the same authors and a couple of new ones.