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I'm very pleased to announce that both Christmas books I have coming out this year are now available for preorder!

A Very Bookish Christmas is a very fun collection that will only be around for a limited time. I highly recommend you grab a copy while you can. After the end of 2019, this collection is going to go away.

Four stories.
Four book-lovers.
Four feel-good Christmas stories.

This is a limited edition novella collection.

The anthology includes:
Molly and Anna by Sarah Holman (inspired by Pollyanna)
Gingerbread Treasures by Rebekah Jones (inspired by a Sherlock Holmes mystery)
Sylvie of Amber Apartments by J. Grace Pennington (inspired by Anne of Green Gables)
Sincerely, Jem by Kate Willis (inspired by Daddy-Long-Legs)

Finally, the next Kate book is coming out! You can get the Kindle edition for the special preorder price of $2.99
Can they save Christmas for a town?

Kate and the team couldn’t be spending the holiday season in a more picturesque town. They are in Franklin, Tennessee to find the person setting off bombs at random. Or could it be that the explosions aren't as random as it appears? Can the team stop the bomber in time for Franklin’s big holiday festival? Kate herself is having a hard time dealing with the fact she can’t go home for Christmas... or can she?

Patrick is finding this case difficult. Promising leads just end up leading into dead ends, and Brian is getting on his nerves. On top of his own problems, Kate asks for his help to get home for Christmas, and it isn’t going to be easy. Can they solve the crime in time for everyone to have a merry Christmas?

I'm also very excited to announce that several of my books have new paperback editions!
Kate can’t stay with the team any longer. She has worked for too long to keep the walls around her heart and around her past to allow the team to tear them down now. She doesn’t think they can handle what is behind them; she’s not sure she can. Heading to Charleston with the team on one last case, she and Brian go undercover as brother and sister to find out if a young musician is profiting from illegal activity.
Patrick is going undercover as a summer student at the University of Charleston. He tries to befriend the sister of a suspected drug runner, but nothing is coming easily. The sister won’t trust him, leads keep drying up, and tension in the team is building. When things begin to fall apart, Patrick is convinced that he can fix things, but can he?

When the seventeen-year-old Samantha Hardgrave disappears, Kate is sent to take her place at the college to follow up on leads. What she finds is a girl more complicated than most people thought with plenty of her own secrets. Samantha’s parents painted a picture of an upstanding girl who never hides anything, but that isn’t what Kate hears from Samantha’s roommate. Who is telling the truth?

Patrick doesn’t even feel like they should be on the Hardgrave case. It is clear to everyone except her family what happened: she ran off with a visiting professor. Yet, as he learns more about her from her friends and family, he begins to doubt. Would Samantha have done something like that? And how come Kate is getting such a different picture of who Samantha was?

Edna believes herself to be a worthless servant. Sir Andrew knows himself to be the most respected and valuable knight. One event will cause both to discover where their value truly lies.
When Princess Gail is on her way to visit friends, some men kidnap the princess to demand a ransom. They don’t realize that they’ve made a mistake and who they have is not the pampered princess, but her faithful servant, Edna. Carried far from home, Edna knows that no matter what she does, she won’t survive. 
Sir Andrew sets off to rescue the princess, taking no time to assess what has truly happened or to allow his men to help him. What should have been a quick and heroic mission turns into a long journey that is full of dangers, obstacles, and trials. Will he be forced to turn back or will he be able to make it to the tower where the princess is being held?

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