Cover reveal of No Man

5:58 PM

I'm really, really excited about the next book in the Firmament series!!
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Another amazing cover and look at this plot:

She doesn’t have much longer to live.

Losing the last of the radialloy puts Andi’s life in immediate danger and sends her, August, and the Doctor rushing towards the demolished Qandon system in search of more. Their speeder is crippled, a powerful man is desperate to stop them -- and they are running out of time.

Meanwhile, Crash has escaped from prison and is hiding somewhere in Hungary, hunted by assassins who have instructions to kill him if Andi and the others don’t return to Earth in one week. The only person on Earth who can help him is Guilders, who very nearly despises him.

Is there more radialloy out there? Can Crash and Guilders make it to safety? And will Andi ever be able to return to the way of life that she loves so much?

I love this series so much in fact, you can read my reviews of Radialloy, In His ImageMachiavellian, Reversal Zone, and Gestern on Goodreads.

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