Snippet Saturday: Emmeline

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“I don’t remember the last time you used the good china,” Fredrick observed from where he sat in the corner munching on an apple.
“I haven’t put on an elegant dinner in ages. Now, all I have to do is make the place cards. I wonder where I put my calligraphy set.” Emmeline looked about the dining room as if she had just laid it aside. She knew that it was most likely in her little-used desk in the library.
“Why this sudden interest in parties?” Fredrick asked.
“Some people like to be sociable,” Emmeline chided, adjusting one of the glasses. “Not all of us like to sit at home reading all day.”
“I know you like to be sociable, but two parties in one month is more than usual, even for you.” He took another big bite out of his apple.
“In all honesty, I want to help Catarina make a good match among her own class.”
“I don’t see you inviting the other factory workers here, so how is she supposed to do that?”
Emmeline gave an exasperated sigh. “Anyone can see that she was born for something better. I’ll bet she has royal blood somewhere in her family history. All you have to do is look at how she carries herself, and it is plain that she belongs in our set and not with a bunch of rough factory workers.”
“Emmeline,” Fredrick said in a tone that was sure to have a lecture behind it.
“Don’t scold me right now. I have enough to do without you lecturing me on some subject I probably don’t care a fig about anyway.”
Fredrick wiped his mouth and shook his head. “Emmeline, I …”
“Emmeline!” Catarina burst through the door and took hold of Emmeline’s hands. “Oh, I do need your advice. I have the most wonderful … Oh, Mr. Knight.” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw her employer lounging in the chair.
“Don’t worry about him; don’t keep me in suspense!” Emmeline prodded.
“But …” The girl looked miserably between Emmeline and Mr. Knight.
Fredrick stood. “Obviously, you ladies have some things you must discuss without me here. We can finish our conversation tonight.”
“Don’t forget to wear a hat,” Emmeline called after him before drawing Catarina into the parlor.

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  1. I just want to let you know that I tagged you with the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag.

  2. This scene does a great job of painting the characters. So, as a result, it's one of the most frustrating scenes with Emmeline. "In all honesty..." while still dancing around what she's really up to, saying as much as possible while saying hardly anything at all. :)

    I like it.

    1. Yeah, it was fun and frustrating to write at the same time. I'm glad you like it.