Book Review: A-Spying We Will Go by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

1:00 AM

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Age Appropriate For: All Ages
Best for Ages: 13 and up

I am so enjoying this series. This book was so good. I would say a favorite, but I don’t know how to pick a favorite from this series. Each story is so fun and good. In this story, we get to go on a camping trip, see a taser in action, and play around with a HAM radio.

I know I’ve said it in my other reviews, but I have to say it again: I’m really grateful to have a character that has real money struggles. Emily gets to go on a trip, but it’s a very low budget, camping trip with her church. It’s nice to have a character that I feel like I can relate to in that area of life.

This novella has a lot of awesome elements. There is some family drama (who else wonders what is going on with Emily and her Dad?), there is a question about who is telling the truth, and… oh yeah, an ending that leaves your heart pounding and needing the next book. Before you get irritated, the book wraps up fairly nicely, but…it also doesn’t. Sound complicated? Well, it’s spy stuff.

I highly recommend this novella to those who like light suspense, fun characters, and spy books that are just a lot of fun.

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