Book Review: Voyage of the Sandpiper by Jessica Glasner

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Age Appropriate For: 12 and up for mild romance and war-related topics
Best for Ages: 12-20

I want to start off by saying this book is best for younger readers. I think it would be a great way to introduce young people to the beginnings of World War II and the plight of the Jewish people during that time. Still, I enjoyed this story.

Glasner has a wonderful writing style and well thought out plots and characters. She obviously put a lot of time in to do research and thought out all her characters well. She also did a great job picking unique settings and fun locations for her stories. She is an author to watch.

Edie was my favorite character. She was an eccentric writer with a good heart and a lot of fun quirks. Piper is an endearing character with struggles a lot of girls can relate to. I especially appreciated how the faith element was woven into the story with ease. It was the right balance of being there and not being preachy.

Both romances were done in a very sweet manner. Piper likes a young man and handles it very well. The romances are sweet, devoid of eye-rolling drama or blush-worthy scenes. It’s done well.
While the historic aspect was a little simplistic for me, I think it’s perfect for introducing younger readers to concepts of World War II.

I recommend this book for young people, those looking for solid stories on World War two, or those who enjoy sweet books.

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