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I don’t remember much until I was about six or seven. However, there were some very important things that happened from 1990-1997. This post is going to be a rush through Sarah’s early childhood.

1991 – Rose is born
I assumed that Rose was mine. I mean, Mom and Dad brought her home, pulled me into their lap, and them placed Rose into my arms. Obviously, they had given me a gift. While I was only fourteen months old, I would pick her up. Yes, I did drop her. Just be grateful that I was so close to the floor those days. Both Mom and Nicole had to rescue Rose from me, Somehow Rose managed to survive.

1992 – We moved from Dallas to Wimberley.

It is a bit odd, while I don’t remember our house in Plano, I still feel at home in the area. Take me to San Marcos or San Antonio, I feel the same way. It is odd how the places imprint so deeply on us. I happen to know that I was very happy about the move. Up until this point, I hadn’t slept through the night. However, we arrived in Austin and Rose and I shared a bed and both slept through the night. We did better together and away from the neighbor in Plano that played their loud music every night.
Two things that I don’t remember happened in this year. One was a very happy event. My brother Michael was born. I was very curious about this new edition, as it was very different than my two other siblings. 
We also took a trip to Arkansas. During this trip, I started running a fever that kept climbing. This was the day before cell-phones and internet. My parents had rented a cabin and had no idea where the nearest hospital was. Why did they want this? My temperature had climbed to 105 and still climbing.  A long-distance call to a nurse friend gave my mom some ideas that started to bring the fever down. Why is this important? This was the first in what would become a regular occurrence for me. Every four to six weeks, I would run fevers that would often spike to temperatures that pushed me into the danger zone for seizures.

1994 – Sarah starts school and is saved.
While Mom had started homeschooling Nicole a of couple years before, she was excited to start preschool with me. Mom describes a very disgusted Sarah explaining that she already knew how to read. Mom pulled out one of the new reader she had bought to test me. She discovered that, sure enough, somewhere along the way, I had learned to read on my own.
It was also, through Nicole, that I came to a saving faith. Some may doubt that a four-year-old can understand enough to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. I, however, have no doubt. I may have come to Christ with a simple faith, but I would have time to grow.
Rose joined me for my school work, but she was already showing some signs of being very different from me. Mom had worked with autistic children during her brief time at college and saw the signs. Rose was a classic autistic.

1995 –Grace joins the group
Grace was born in July and is still has the distinction of being the perfect baby. She had the cutest little cry that reminded us of a kitten. She also started sleeping through the night at only a week old. Of course, that wasn’t every night, but it was often enough for my Mom.

1996 –A rough year
While six-year-old Sarah didn’t understand everything going on, it was obvious that it was a hard year. My Dad had some health challenges, my parents put our house on the market because they felt God was asking them to, even though they didn’t understand. Sarah also continued to undergo testing. While I haven’t mentioned it before, every few months, new tests were ordered to try to figure out why the fever returned every four to six weeks.

1997 – Rebekkah is born

My GrandMary, my mom’s mom, died when she was fifty-six. I remember going up for the funeral, I remember Dad asking me to be a good helper to mommy, as she was sad. Rebekkah came a few months later. I knew Mommy was tired, but I didn’t realize that it was because she had lost a lot of blood with Rebekkah. The midwife actually had debated moving her to the hospital she had lost so much.

The house was still on the market but hadn’t sold. We went into 1998 with a lot of uncertainties. Well, I should say my parents did. My hardships were my math book, wondering if the rain would ruin playing outside, or worrying about my siblings.  However, I do remember a waking up hallucinating because my fever had climbed so high. There were a couple of miserable nights when I would look up praying and wondering if a fever would take my life. After all, everyone seemed very concerned. Contemplating your mortality atseven is not typical I’m told, but it would shape me in the future.  

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  1. Oh, this is so cute! You had a full young childhood :)

    Also, I tagged you for a writing tag

  2. Lol Sarah your list of hardships is exactly what troubles I had around age 9-12 and maybe even later. :D I hope they were able to stop your fevers? :O

    ~Katja L.