All Things New

12:18 PM

Easter and spring always make me joyful. There have been times when happiness wasn't at the front, but joy has always been in the season. There is something about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus as the trees that have looked dead for months burst forth in fresh green leaves. In Texas, the roadsides are covered with wildflowers and everyone is taking pictures in the bluebonnets.

I needed the reminder this year that all things will be made new.

I'll be honest. I'm tired. I'm weary. I feel like my emotional and physical energy have been pushed toward my limit for far too long. My head might know that this is not true, that life is getting easier and I'm becoming stronger. However, there are times when I just want to lay on my pillow and weep, sleep, and spend the next day in bed doing nothing. I want to know that tasks are being accomplished without me. I want to know that the things I'm struggling with will be miraculously dealt with.  I want the pain and suffering around me to stop. Easter reminded me that I should long for those things.

C.S. Lewis said that if we find ourselves with longings this world cannot satisfy, then it was obvious that we were made for another world. All the longings that I have are normal because sin has corrupted this world. This isn’t how it was supposed to be. The good news Easter reminds us of is that it won’t always be this way.

On Good Friday, I was blessed to celebrate Easter together. All my siblings and I got to take this fun picture:

Our family had an awesome time together on Easter. My brother, who is working nights, was unable to join us as he was sleeping.

Together, we remembered Christ sacrificial death and resurrection. Death and sin were trampled. They no longer have the same power. Christ stands in victory, and one day soon, there will be an end to it. I may be weary now, but I know that it won't last.

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