My Story Begins

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Who knew so many of you would want to know about my childhood? When I did that poll in February, that is what people wanted to know about. I must have done a good job making my life sound interesting on my blog. For the next few weeks, I will share weekly posts about my childhood. But my story begins before I was born. It starts even before my parents met. Because honestly, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God bringing both of my parents to Himself.

Neither of my parents grew up in church. Their parents were nice people, who worked to create good, safe homes for their children. Yet, both my parents knew something was missing from their lives.

My Dad had a friend in high school that was a Christian. My dad had questions and a heart to find God, cultivated by many outdoor excursions he had though the Boy Scouts. This friend had the answers. One day, he gave Dad a tape (old technology) that had a gospel message. My dad accepted Christ.

My mom had a far more dramatic experience. She had a hunger for God since she had a cousin who died in a car accident when she was in her early teens, but couldn’t find answers. She did know that what she wanted to do was to be a wife and mom, something that her teachers always berated her for (ah, the sixties). When she moved to college, she met and married a man and had my beautiful and talented older sister Nicole. The marriage was not going well, but God used a friend to bring mom to church. Here, she found people who cared for others and loved each other. She asked this guy there what made them different. He and his friend took mom to lunch and explained the gospel. My mom found what her heart had been seeking, and she accepted it that day.

After her conversion, her marriage became horrible. Her husband was unfaithful and abusive. However, Mom felt very strongly that she was supposed to stay. One day she came to find her the apartment empty of everything except for divorce papers on the table. Her husband had left her for another woman.

Over the next few years, God worked in both my parents’ lives, moving them both to Dallas, healing my Mom’s heart, and preparing my Dad. Funny thing is, when they met, neither of them were very interested in marriage. They became friends as my Dad spent time with Nicole as part of a program at church for single-parent kids. Through that friendship and the counsel of friends, God moved my parents toward the understanding that He had called them together.

My parents married on July 1, 1989. Later that year, my Dad adopted Nicole so that she was legally his daughter. On June 30, 1990, I was born. I was actually premature and spent the first three days of my life in a hospital. Wasn’t I cute?

And so, my life began…

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  1. ah, this is so neat! Looking forward to reading more of your story :)

  2. You were darling! :) I'm enjoying this story and look forward to reading more. :)

  3. I'm glad you're sharing your own story, Sarah. (And what a sweet baby picture!)

  4. Well, seems we have a bit of a similar beginning in life, Sarah! ;) I'm the oldest of nine children, and I was also premature. ;) I had jaundice and spent several days in the hospital (don't remember how many, haha!). I was quite tiny and I don't think I was at all cute lol but my parents thought differently haha.

    ~Katja L.

    1. Katja,

      That is so cool that we have so much in common.