10 Things Girls Should do for Guys

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Being a house with a lot of girls, it is easy for us to come down hard on guys and not understand them. However, I think that as girls, we need to be reminded of the things we should do for the guys in our life: fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, this is just what I have learned.

1. Let them be gentlemen. It is easy for us to do things ourselves, but let them and even encourage them to open doors, let you go first in line, and what-not. Even when it would be easier for you do something yourself, letting guys act like gentlemen is important.

2. Defer to them. Let them be the leaders in small and large situations. Many girls get frustrated when guys won’t lead, but they take charge of the situation when they enter the room. There are times for girls to lead (of course), but girls should be looking for ways to defer to the godly men God has placed in their lives.

3. Believe what they say. If a guy says he just wants to be friends, assume that is what he means. If you brother says he is fine, trust that is how he feels. We girls often try to read more into situations, and sometimes there is more. However, let us respect guys by believing what they say.

4. Be careful how you dress. No, you are not responsible for what a guy thinks, but you are responsible for the messages you send.

5. Be Submissive. Submission has become a bad word for girls, but it is what God calls us to to the authorities in our lives. Submission takes different forms, because people and situations are different. However, read your Bible and find out who and how God has called you to submit to the men who hold authority in your lives: Fathers, church leadership, and husbands.

6. Be honest. Guys are not like girls. They don’t pick up on the subtleties as much as girls do. Don’t say you are fine if you are not. Be honest even it is painful.

7. Just tell them. Guys do not get subtle hints most of the time. Don’t frustrate them by expecting them to pick up on them. Just tell them. It is kinder to them and often will save a lot of issues.

8. Don’t expect perfection. Guys are going to make mistakes, because we live in a fallen world. Don’t make them live up to the standards of your favorite actor, book character, or idea of the perfect guy/Dad/brother/husband. 

9. Don’t expect them to understand. They don’t understand some things about girls, because they are different. Don’t expect them to understand hormone shifts and how the girl mind works except on a basic intellectual level.

10. Pray for them. Pray for the guys in your life every day. Just as you battle with struggles every day, so do they. Never cease to pray for them.

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  1. YES YES YES!!!!! I agree with this 110%.

  2. Hmm. I agree with a lot of these, however, the "be submissive" is something I can not sign off on. First, disclaimer, I am totally not a feminist. I believe God made women and men differently and for different jobs. And I am not saying that I disagree with it in every situation; but, Miss Holman, you are just talking guys in general. I am not going to be submissive to guys just because they are guys. And I feel that you have not given any context to the message you are sending. Granted there are some situations where submission is the right thing to do but you have labeled it as something that should always be done. I don't feel that by God's law or what my own parents would say, that I should be obligated to always submit. I simply cannot agree.

    1. Please pardon my previous comment. I realized that I have failed to include in that section about whom we should be submitted. You are correct: We are not just called to submit to all men, and you will see that I have updated my post to reflect that.