10 Things Girls Should do for Girls

7:00 AM

1. Remember they have feelings too. We can easily get caught up in arguments, discussions, and conversations and lose sight of the fact that the other girl has feelings. Whether you are commenting online, feel you need to speak up in a conversation, or talking to a stranger, remember that they have feelings that are as or even more sensitive than yours.

2. Give encouragement. So often it is easy for us to see the negative side of our fellow girls. We need to reach out and say many positive things. Girls need to hear what they are doing right from their friends and sisters, make sure that they are hearing the encouragement from you.

3. Be able to give and accept correction. There are things we all need to work on and there are times when we will see bad behavior that we need to speak up about. We need to be open to giving and receiving correction in love.

4. Do NOT make fun of each other's beliefs. This doesn't mean that you cannot challenge biblically incorrect stands, but mocking what someone holds dear is never appropriate. You may not understand why a girl has chosen to wear skirts only, read books that you wouldn't, or any number of things, but you shouldn't make fun of those choices. If it worries you, start a discussion where you listen to what they have to say and show them where you stand in all gentleness and humility.

5. Remember that the small things matter. Little gifts and notes mean the world to most girls. Send those letters and emails. Leave little notes and gifts. Make your friend or sister's day.

6. Spur each other on. When we get together, we should speak about what is on our hearts. We should spur each other to higher and better things with scripture and personal experience. When we see a fellow girl struggling with something we have struggled with as well, we should come alongside her and build her up.

7. Be an example. Other girls are watching you. Each of us should remember that and be an example to them of godly womanhood.

8. Remember and remind each other that what is inside is what it important. I am not just talking about beauty; I am talking about the essence of who we are. Girls easily fall for the lie that they need to pretend that they have it all together and they never do. We need to encourage them to start by working on the heart and then let that change shine through, not pretending to be something you are not.

9. Do not participate in bad-mouthing and gossip. This one is easy to fall into. I myself have been part of conversations that were just gossip or bad-mouthing someone. We need to take a stand against both. We need to say something when a conversation heads in that direction and/or walk away if we cannot stop it.

10. Pray for each other. It is the most powerful thing that we can do for each other.

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  1. Thank you for this!! Such good reminders.

  2. Loved this advice! All of it is so true. Thank you for the reminders.

  3. This is wonderful Sarah! Love this! :D This encouraged me, and inspired me as well. Thank you for the reminder, dear friend.