For Better or for Worse

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February is a month that turns many people's thoughts toward love. For married couples, it is a time to celebrate the life and romance they have together. For engaged and dating/courting couples, it is a time to celebrate God bringing that special someone into their lives. For singles... yeah most of the single girls I know try to ignore the fact there is a February 14th or sob their way through it.

What about me? Do I find it a sad time? Not really, but then I am odd. I am very content where God has me at this time in my life. Do I sometimes wish I had a boyfriend or a husband? Yes. So, what does February mean for me? It is different each year. This year it is about For better or for worse.

When life is going great, it is easy to be there for someone. When you agree about things, when you are having fun, it really isn't a challenge to want to be with someone. But what about when you get sick, your feelings get hurt, or when you have been disappointed. That is when it is hard.

Michelle and I have been friends for a few years now. We have been through alot together and in October, I was honored to be in her wedding.

Now, Michelle is having a difficult time in her health and I am spending a few days with her. These are not days filled with giggles, deep conversations, and shopping. This time is filled with tears, constant reminders that this will pass, frustration, and work. However, isn't this what I committed to? As a friend, am I not supposed to be there for her on her good days and her bad days? Maybe I didn't  take a vow, but I made the commitment in my heart.

I know that many of us would like to avoid some of the unpleasant things that come with helping a friend who is going through a hard time. I know from experience how heart-wrenching it is to sit with someone who just lost their young brother, how it hurts to watch someone battle depression, or even just to listen as they talk about a situation that is hurting their heart. It is hard and sometimes I went home and sobbed my heart out afterward. However, it is in going through these things that I have discovered a powerful truth: when you go through hard times together, it makes the bond stronger. 

While not all of us have someone to celebrate the month of romance, but we all have special people in our lives, people that need us to be there for them for better or for worse. Whatever your relationship status is, why don't we use this month to reach out to a friend who is going through one of the worse times. 

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  1. A great reminder! Thank you for sharing, Sarah. I pray that Michelle gets healed soon. Your commitment to friendship is inspiring; you're right, not enough people really think of friendship as a "for better or for worse" type of commitment. But we certainly should!

  2. Thank you for the post, Sarah! I don't think you're odd, either! I agree with you--while I may long for something different, what I have now is probably the best for me at the moment. Perhaps there are things I need to learn yet before I can go on to the next step in relationships.

    Learning to love the Lord and serve Him in all seasons is so important. And I think being content is a beautiful gift, one that I've been trying to cultivate in my own life. Keep up the good work!