Time with Dad

1:05 PM

I am so thankful for my dad’s work schedule. As much as I complain sometimes about us not having a lot of money, I wouldn’t trade all the time I get with my dad for any amount of money. You see, my dad is allowed to work a compressed work week, which means he works long ten-hour days Monday through Thursday, but he gets off Friday through Sunday.

All that time with my dad is so precious to me. We have so much fun as a family on those days. Often we will sit around and talk, play games or, occasionally, watch a movie. Whatever we do though, we just love being together.

I have been very thankful for my dad’s work schedule, especially since we have been on The Journey. It has been so nice to have the extra time as a family to talk together and work out things. We have spent so many days talking about what we are going though and what we are supposed to do next.

Yes, I am very thankful for my dad’s work schedule. What are you thankful for today?

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