Book Review; The Kingdom Series

8:26 AM

Do you like adventure stories with happy endings? Do like stories of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress? Do you like allegories and stories that have great morals? Well then, I have the book series for you.

Welcome to the world of Arrethtrae the fictional country that is the stage for this amazing Bible allegory The story opens with a young man named Leinad, and his father living peacefully on a farm in the land of Arrethtrae. Little does Leinad know that his world is about to be changed forever because of a war that started long ago because of his father’s wrong doings. When his father dies and Leinad is forced to leave his home, he begins an adventure that will last a lifetime.

There are 6 books in this series, and every one of them is amazing. A friend of my brother lent them to him, and somehow I ended up reading them through first within a few weeks. Each book is only about a hundred pages long, and they are easy to read. The allegory is very easy to see, and there are discussion questions in the back of each book for each chapter.

The only thing I would caution anyone about is that there are a lot of sword fights, and it is a very mild fantasy. When I say mild I mean it is milder than The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. There is no magic but there are a few made up/mythical creatures in some of the books to represent certain things. So, younger children may find some things a little disturbing.

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