Of many things

8:37 AM

I had a wonderful Sunday! It was full of fellowship with some wonderful people, and volley ball. I hit the ball over the net for the first time ever which was a wonderful feeling. I am not great at any sport that has balls in it, but maybe I am getting better.

My allergies are doing much better so I hope to have a week full of posting, making up for last week which was so empty. One of the things I am going to try to do more is participate when writing prompts are given on blogs such as Literary Pursuits and Penciled Whimsies. I would love it if you joined me in doing them.

I could also use your prayers; my mom’s dad is going into the hospital for surgery. He is in a lot of pain, has some major heath issues, and he is not a believer. Please pray that the surgery would go well and that my Grandfather would turn to the God.

One other thing before I go. Over at Meditations of His Love, we are looking for a new author. If you would be interested, go over there and follow the instructions to apply.

Have a great day.

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