Bible in Six Months Update

7:31 AM

Hello everyone! I am glad to tell you that I am on target with my Bible reading program. I had fallen behind last week, but I spent some time on Sunday catching up. It was hard to catch up once I had fallen behind, however it made for a great way to spend my Sunday.

It has been a long time since I have read large chunks of the Bible together like this. I had forgotten how wonderful and eye opening it really is. When you read through the Bible this fast, you really get the bigger picture. You see prophesies being made and fulfilled in what feels like a short time however, if you look a little closer, you see that they are really hundreds of years apart. Maybe this is a little glimpse of how God sees history.

As for where I am in the Bible right now; today, I finish Exodus and began Leviticus. Maybe reading through this book fast will give me some clue as to why I need to read it (or not). Okay, so now you know that I am not real big into reading lists of rules and names that are hard to pronounce.

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