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First off, my family believes that the most important thing in this world is relationships and people. The only two things that we will be able to take to heaven are our relationships with God and others. For the past two or three years, we have been frustrated because we do a very limited amount of things outside the home so that we have time for people, especially in the church; but they had a lot going, so we just didn’t seem to be making relationships there.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great church with good teaching and great people, we just had to start rethinking what was important in a church, and it got us to thinking about what church really is. God began to work in our life in an amazing way. He had to get us into a place where we were uncomfortable, discontent and willing to change our thinking in order for us not to cling to what we had known.

As for how we spend our time on Sunday, in September, we will be starting a gathering (or fellowship) every evening to get with other believers. We also are spending more time with the people that God has placed in our life, even if they are not our favorite people.

As for verses that we used, we read almost the entire book of Acts and the New Testament, and it is full of references to the early church meeting in homes and fellowshipping together.

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  1. Hmm, yes, I can understand that...our church has all these activities that they do and because of our family's beliefs and an issue of money for gas to go back and forth, we don't participate much in any of them. Thanks for answering the questions Sarah! =:)