Sold on Etsy

9:17 AM

I sold my first item on Etsy yesterday! I am so excited that I finally sold something and hope that now I can keep selling at least one small item a month. I am also going to start doing some E-Bay auctions starting today or tomorrow.

Do any of you have a little business of any kind?

P.S. Sorry that this has been such a short post, I am just really tired today.

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  1. Yeah! congratulations Sarah! That's so exciting! =:D Good luck with your business ventures! =:)

    I teach craft classes from home...that's about it for now. =:)


  2. Congratulations on your first item selling! I don't have a little business.

  3. I just bought material to make some skirts to sell on Etsy. =) Don't know if it'll work out, but it can't hurt to try! I'm glad you were able to sell something!! How exciting!! =)

  4. Congrats! It's always very rewarding to sell that first item. :-)

    I have a little shoppe of homemade things at, as well as a small graphic design business,