What’s Been Going on at This End

10:31 AM

I have been very busy this weekend, and that is why there were no posts. On Saturday, we spent the whole day with an older couple having a great time of fellowship. On Sunday, I went home from church with a dear friend of mine so that I could help out with a big political event that was happening Monday. Yesterday, I was so tired I didn’t even think of my blog until late in the evening.

Today, I have some baby quilts that I have to get made, and my room really needs to be cleaned. Actually, my room always needs to be cleaned. My poor sister Rose has to put up with all my messes (we share a room), thankfully, she is very longsuffering with me. I am also getting ready for my mom to be gone for a couple of days for a conference. I am working on coming up with some really fun crafts and activities for my younger siblings, have any ideas?

How are all of you? What are your plans for the rest of the week?

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  1. I'm back!...
    ...from my grandma's! I have had quite a busy weekend also. Saturday was spent cleaning our house. Sunday my family sang for two church services, came home and made our home-made family pizza and had a young married couple and their two adorable kids over, and Monday-Wed.(I just got home) I went to my grandma's to clean her house with Rachel.

    -Yeah, my room needs to be cleaned to.

    So, I wasn't here to know that you hadn't posted. But, I am glad to be back!

    Love ya!