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The cast;
MaryBeth is twenty years old, shy, sweet and cares deeply for those in need. She is the second child of five siblings and her greatest pleasure is being with her family.

Anna Joy is a fifteen year old girl who is just tiring to survive high school. She is part of a every growing family (number eight was born recently) and is close to her older sister but wishes she had time to have friends outside the family.

Maria Rose is 18, and has just finished school. She has a passion for writing, and also is very lonely and feels left out at times. She is close to her family, especially her 17 year old sister.

Mary Beth is very careful about what she wears. She wears more modern styles then some of her friends but is very careful that they are not the type that attracts the wrong kind of attention. Mary Beth feels much more comfortable in pants then a skirt and wonders why some people say she is sinning by wearing pants. Isn’t she just as modest as the girls with dresses on? There is nothing in the Bible that says she can’t, is there? She respect and even admires those who have chosen to wear dresses. If fact, she has a good friend that wears only dresses and she is careful to honor her decision to do that, why can’t she respect her decision to wear pants?

Anna Joy just wants to fit in with all the other homeschoolers that she knows. After all, they don’t wear anything that it too bad. Sometimes, her dad doesn’t like what she wears but just don’t understand why. The only shorts she wears are the longer kind and she never has a too low of a neck line so what is the big deal? All her dad says is that it isn’t the length or the cut of cloths she is wearing; it is the style that is the problem. He keeps telling her that the really tight jeans and the shirts that she is wearing are somewhat suggestive, but all of her friends keep telling her, it is no big deal.

Maria Rose has always worn dresses and she loves it. She feels so blessed to always feel and be treated like a woman. She is has been accused of being from many different denominations and religions and has many good laughs over the reactions of people when she tells them that she wears dresses all the time. She also has laughed, and been laughed at, for her homemade swimsuit that looks like something out 1900’s catalog. Maria Rose believes her family has been called to a higher standard, but it is not necessarily for everyone. Though there is no excuse for being immodest, some people are not called to wear dresses only.

The End

What are you thought’s on the subject of clothing? Which of the three girls are you most like? We will discuss the issue of clothing more tomorrow.

A lot of you asked questions about the writing contest I won. It was a contest in a home based, Christian girl’s magazine called Hope Chest. They are working on their website so it is currently unavailable but if any of you are interested in subscribing, you can leave a comment with your mailing address in it (which I will not publish) and I can send you a brochure. It was a none-fiction article contest and I will get my article published in the magazine, a year’s subscription and a gift certificate from their store.

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  1. How nice! I believe I am most like Maria Rose, although for a very very long time I was much more like Mary Beth. It has only been in the last few years that I have surrendered my attitude and dress under to father! I must say I am much more happy now that I have, too. :)

    Congratulations in winning the contest!


  2. Great story, Sarah.
    I have actually been on all three sides of this story to some degree or another. I didn't start wearing dresses until I was around sixteen/seventeen. I know what it feels like to be the girl in jeans with a bunch of girls wearing dresses, and I know what it is like to be the girl wearing a dress while everyone else is wearing jeans.

    The difference now is, wearing dresses was my choice. Before I learned of the idea of only wearing dresses, I thought I was modest. I wore high neckline shirts and didn't wear any low-rise jeans. But...I also didn't know any different. I never thought very much about girls who wore dresses all the time because I had never really met any.

    What made me change into wearing dresses was the maxwell family. For the first time, I saw what I wore as being a stumbling block for young men. I realized that I could give boys the wrong impression simply by what I wore. Even though I considered myself to be modest, after that, I no longer saw my attire through rose colored glasses. The glasses came off and I saw myself through the eyes of young men. It scared me.

    Before we even went to see the maxwell's, my dad joked with my sister and I that we must want to switch to wearing dresses. (my dad didn't have very high expectations for the conference. He thought it would be another self help seminar.)
    When my dad said this, my sister and I got offensive and said there was no way we would ever only wear dresses. It's funny now as I look back and remember. My sister and I were the ones insisting that we needed to switch to dresses after the conference.

    Since I now wear dresses, but I used to wear pants, I have been blessed with a less judgmental attitude. I understand that a lot of girls no nothing of what modesty even is. They don't know any different from what they were brought up to wear. Many girls probably think that they have no choice in what they wear. I certainly never did when I was wearing jeans. I didn't know that there was anything else. (even though I wore dresses to church.)

    So for me, because I have been on both sides, I can relate with many different types of girls.

    My choice in wearing dresses wasn't simply made because I thought I needed to be more modest; it was also based strongly on the knowledge that I was being a stumbling block for young men and that I was not living purely with a meek and quiet spirit.Also that the fact I am a Christian is more apparent when I wear dresses. I stand out more. Not because I am looking to stand out, but because of what I wear, and my countenance which is more simple than many young ladies. (I don't wear makeup.)


  3. I Think I'm like Anna Joy. I'm also 3rd in a family of 8 children too!