Watching the Kids

8:54 AM

Hello every one! How are all of you doing? I am busy trying to keep the house running while my Mom goes to a weekend conference. To be quite honest, it isn’t that hard. My siblings are the best behaved kids I know and we have a blast together. The hardest part about Mom going is it throws off the routine.

As the oldest of six, I have watched my younger siblings many times, and every time it gets’ a little easier. The first few times I watched them I put them in front of the TV the whole time and we all got board but I was so afraid of having to deal with a problem that I wanted to keep them occupied with something that something that I knew would keep their full attention. As time went on, I got more comfortable and we started playing games some together and playing. Now, when mom leaves, the TV might not even get turned on.

Today, I have planned a special treat for my siblings. At lunch, we are having homemade Pizza and watching whatever my two youngest siblings want and tonight, I and some of my siblings get to watch Prince Caspian. I really liked this movie except for the Susan’s ‘new and improved’ role and romance.

What are you all up to today?

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  1. Hi Sarah! I used to do the same thing when I had to babysit. It was so much easier to put them on the computer playing a game or let them watch a movie. Now though, I really don't have to "watch" anyone since the youngest is 12.

    Yum! We just had homemade pizza last Sunday! Which reminds me that I was going to put the recipe on the blog, thanks! =;) I will have to do that soon!

    I didn't like susan's new role either. I think prince caspian is too old looking for her! At least they didn't play it up very much like they tend to do in other movies and they stayed pretty much to the movie. So I can forgive them. =;)

    I am just catching up on email, blogging, etc. today from having been away at my grandmother's.


  2. Well, Yesterday I dedicated my full time and attention to spending time with my youngest brother. Since I had been away at my grandmothers, he had missed me a lot. I came up with a great idea for something that I have been wanting to do individually with each of my two younger brothers. We made our own game! Well, actually we made our own monopoly game called Bookopoly. Each space is a different book and then the utilities are authors and the trains are bookstores like borders and vision forum. We had a blast. I'll be posting pictures on my blog as soon as we have finished it. Probably not until sometime after this weekend. We worked on it all day yesterday and will also be working on it some today.

    Sounds like you and your siblings will be having a blast!

    -I wasn't to happy about Susan either.