Some Fun websites

9:44 AM

Here are some web sites that I like to go to for fun.

Making Friends is a website that has some great paper dolls that we have enjoyed. They even have Bible costumes for you paper doll.

ScrapbookScrapbook has all kinds of free paper for you scrapbook and I use it a lot.

Okay so far all the things that I have listed have been free but I sell things on a website called Etsy. All the things sold on this site are homemade.

Maidens of Virtue is a great site for girls. There are articles, a shop and a great blog.

Do Know of some great websites? I would love to hear about them

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  1. I've been on Making Friends before for an old Valentine's gift/craft I made my mom. It was a foam teddy bear with a hollow stomach filled with candy hearts ;) And I'm planning on selling beaded jewelry on Etsy this Summer. They sell the cutest stuff sometimes! What do you sell on there? Just curious ;)

  2. I Sell make Quilts out of jeans. It is really fun to make and sell them. I am planning on adding more stff to my shope soon. My shop is DestinysDesigns

  3. Thanks for linking to me! :-)