How to get articles published

8:51 AM

One of the things that I was told early on in my writing was that one of the best things you could do was to get published in magazines. It really isn’t that hard to get published in some of the smaller magazines why don’t you give it a try!

I have already been published in about five different publications including some of my favorite magazines which are, His Wonders, Ladies in Waiting, and Words from the Heart. There are a lot of great publications out there and if you are interested in getting them and writing for them, you can contact Stacy Ryan and ask her for her the list of over forty publications that she has.

Happy writing!

P.S. I am running out of ideas for Writing Saturday if you have any ideas of questions, please leave a comment or can email it to me at

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  1. Hello Sarah,
    Pertaining to your statement that you are running out of things to write about for writing Saturday's, I was just thinking over some of the struggles I have faced with my writing in the past.
    One thing that stuck out was outlining your story. I used to do this when I was younger, but it always ended up messing up my story. I always wrote the basic outline, and that made it hard when I was writing the actual story. For me, it clogged up my imagination. I would go from one event to the next without adding the background and depth that my story and characters were in desperate need of. I now, don't do outlines for my stories. In the case of the story I am currently working on, I have a basic outline in my head of certain events that I want to happen, and then I have left gray areas where I am having the opportunity to experiment and use my imagination.
    I thought outlining might be a good Idea. You could title it something along the lines of "To outline, or not to outline. That is the question."

    Another Idea might be to right something about leads. in case you don't know what that is, (though as a writer, you probably do) a lead is the opening sentence of a book. This sentence is the main decisions of whether or not someone will be interested in reading the book. It is supposed to grab the readers attention and make them interested to find out either what is going on, or what happens next.

    Example: A cold chill ran up heathers spine.

    Even though it sounds creepy this is a good opening to a story. You don't know what's going on, just that the character is either incredibly nervous, or incredibly cold!
    It could turn out that the heater in heathers house is broken, but that doesn't matter. the point is to grab the readers attention on the first page in the very first sentence.

    So their is some things to get you started.

    An Idea that I had, would be, if you have any other friends who write,(If not, I would be happy to do this with you! I think it would be a lot of fun!) you could make a co-writing Saturday (I know it's your blog, and you wouldn't be giving that up, just having someone else's impute and ideas, to help you write and think up post's for the writing Saturday) So then you wouldn't have to continuously be thinking of things, you could bounce ideas off of someone, and then you wouldn't always have to write it!