7:58 AM

Hello everyone! I hope that your day is going well. My dad has Veterans Day off so we are taking this opportunity to take a trip to the zoo. We love to go to zoos and museums as a family and spend hours looking at the amazing creatures that God has made or stand looking at an object from His-story. What is your families’ favorite pass time?

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  1. Our family's favorite past time is: Reading together as a family, taking walks together, and going on vacations together!
    We are blessed to have our dad HOME to work! Thanks you Jesus! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your day at the zoo! We always do :)

  2. One of the things we enjoy doing, though we've only been a few times, is going to the Baltimore Aquarium! I love fish. Especially dolphins. We have had the opportunity to see the dolphin show that they show there. It is great!

    Another thing we enjoy doing, is taking walks at different parks as a family.

    Love in Christ,