More about my characters

9:26 AM

One of the things that has been the hardest thing for me as an author to do, is to create different and well formed characters. In my early fiction, all my looked like they had been made with the same cookie cutter but as I wrote more and more I learned keys to how to developed my characters and make each one unique and believable.

So what is my secret? I take some time before I ever write one word of a story to develop my characters. I decided what they are going to sound like, are they going to have a accent or maybe a phrase that they drop into their sentences. Then I decided what kind of corks I am going to give them, what are they afraid of? What are their loves and hates? Then I also think about this person’s background, what happened to make them who they are? After I have done all this I set the character loose in my story and I have a well formed unique character.

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  1. Hey Sarah!
    It's great to find a homeschool graduate who enjoys writing like I do! I am currently writing a fiction book. I have enjoyed writing for years, but my maturity level always prevented me from having really good plots. Since I've also graduated and am now much more mature, I have found my writing comes a lot easier and has more fluidity. I am actually just getting back to my writing this year, after having pretty much taken off from it, the year after I graduated. I completely understand wanting to figure out your characters before you even start writing. That is the reason this is book is so much better than anything else I've written. Because I gave my characters depth.
    Good luck with your writing and God Bless!