Writing Saturday; Criticism

3:12 PM

One of the things that is hard for any writer it to have someone criticize their work. Criticism can be one of a writer’s greatest tools if they know how to use it. Early in my writing, I hated criticism and I wouldn’t hear anyone say anything against my writing. As I have grown up and started wanting to take my writing to the next level and in order to that, I had to have people help me by telling me how to improve. It was hard at first because my early stuff just wasn’t that good (I still need improvement) and needed a lot of work.

In order to be a really good writer you must be willing to accept and even seek out other people’s criticism. I admit that it isn’t fun when someone shows me that I keep making the same mistake over and over again but I always keep in mind that only the people who really care about you are willing to take the time to try to help you improve your work.

Now it is time for you to get involved! I will now be accepting submissions for Writing Saturday! I hope a lot of you will join in.

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  1. Just a question... Where would you like people to send their articles that they want to submit for writing Saturday? I mean, we could always put them into the comment box, but those could end up as some pretty long comments!

    One other thing... I completely understand about having people judge your writing. My older sister is the main person I go to for critiques on my stories. It can be hard to accept someone else's view of what you write. With my sister though, it's a bit different. I trust her to give me her absolute honest opinion (no matter how blunt!). And it's nice to have someone who knows me well, give me their views and thoughts on what I write. All that I have to do is remember to supply her with a pen, so she can correct my spelling and grammar. (LOL!)

    Love in Christ,