Last Meeting

6:09 PM

Last month, I told you about a girls group my sister Rose and I host every month. Today was our last meeting of the year. We gave out certificates of completion to everyone and a spacial award to a girl for her Bible memory.

It is always a little sad to see a good thing end but it was especially hard today. You see, the girls group that my sister and I have been hosting for the past three years will not be meeting next year. We are taking a year off because our lives are getting busy and we have lost our enthusiasm which is very important in a ministry like that.

Even though I am a little sad that we may never have another Genteel Blooms meeting at our house again, I am exited about the opportunities ahead of me. This blog and other writing opportunities are opening before me faster then I can keep up with. Writing is my passion and therefore I am very exited about all that.

I will end this post with one of my favorite sayings; When God closes a door, he always opens a window

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