It all Started when...

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Here we are on writing Saturday and I thought that I would tell you how I stated my writing journey. I didn't began my adventure in writing till I was about ten or eleven, up till that point I had only written letters and a few very short very poorly written stories that will never be of fixed enough to be published. They were a start though, but my real writing began at age eleven.

We were all sitting around the living room after watching one of our favorite movies, Robin Hood, discussing the fact that God said not to steal and therefore, no matter how bad the situation is, we should never steal. Then, one of us came up with a great idea; what if we rewrote the story of Robin Hood and in are book we would make it so he didn't steal. Mom, who was listening near by, suggested that if we were going to take the time and effort to write a book, we should write our own story. That is what set me off on my writing adventure.

Over the course of the next three years, I wrote a book set in the medieval times in the fictional country of Shieham. I learned so much about writing and I loved creating the story and molding the characters. I learned that sometimes, even when you didn't feel like it, I had to keep writing in order to get the book done. But I also discovered my passion for writing.

What about you? How did you began writing or bloging?

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  1. I always loved the way some people took something that they were passionate about, and made it into a beautiful stories. Also, I needed a way to express my true feelings on certain topics and see if others agreed with me, so I started my blog. It's a great way to get writing practice.