Political stuff

11:09 AM

It tis’ the season for campaigning, for November is closer then we think. I wanted to warn all of you that I will probably be working on my Republican Congressman’s campaign soon but I hope that if you are Democrat or hold a different idea for who should be elected that this post won’t scare you away from my blog. You see, I believe that not only do you have a right to vote for whoever you want but I also understand that not every candidate is perfect and others have deep convention that they can of can’t vote for someone based on an issue or character trait.

With that said, I also should tell you that I do have a clear idea of who I think should win in November and I will not pertend that I am not a Republican and spend a lot of time with my local Republican party. If you are a Democrat, again let me say that I hope this post will not scare you away because I see that the Democrat and the Republicans have issues and things to offer.

Now, putting all political affiliations aside, I ask that you would register to vote if you are old enough. For too long, this countries young people have not realized what a privilege we have when we are given the right to vote. There are men and woman in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many remote parts of the earth, fighting and dying so that we can have the right to debate issues, stage protest, hold rallies and meetings and vote on Election Day without fear. Let us not waste that gift that they have given us that they, like the generations before them, paid with their very blood and lives

Vote, and take the time whenever you are able to thank the man and woman who wear and have worn our nations uniform.

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