Time is Pricless

8:51 AM

Time is one of the greatest and most valuable gifts that we are given. We so easily fill our time with activities, academics, movies, and general busyness and don’t spend time doing the most important things, like spending time with God, our family, our friends and those who wish to be our friends. The only thing that we get to take to heaven with us is people, so it makes sense that in this life, we should make other people a high priority.

We all need to remember as we head back to school, college, or even just going about our daily routine, that God has placed other people in our life and we need to give them some of our time. That means we need to make sure that our siblings know that we care by playing a game with and spending time talking to them. We need to show that new girl in church, school, or co-op that she isn’t forgotten and that we are willing to take the time to talk to her. We need to show our God that we will spend a few minutes of our day with Him, even when we feel pressed for time.

Take so time today for those who are the most important to you.

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