Take a Moment

9:21 AM

Today is the Fourth of July. Today is a day that we should all stop for a moment between hamburgers, hot dogs, and fireworks, and take a moment to thank God for this country that we live in. I know that America has its problems and issues. I know that many of us our disheartened in the way it is going, but one thing we must never forget is that we still live in one of the greatest nations on earth.

We still enjoy the freedom to worship as we see fit and we are not persecuted for our belifes, which is something that many people in China, Sudan, Cambodia, and many other nations, can only dream about.

We sill can have a voice in our government, we can protest, write things against those who hold office, and vote for whoever we want with out fear. That is more then the people of Zimbabwe, Burma (Myanmar), and many other countries can even hope for.

We can still go into the store and by not only what we need but also things we want and we have people who work hard to try making sure that every product we buy is safe. This is not the case in most African nations, who have hundreds are dieing of lake of food and in many countries where the government doesn’t care if people die from food and water poisoning.

We live in a great nation and we, its people, seem to be the only ones denying that. So let us take today to talk about what is right with America and what good it does. Let us take today to pray for our men and woman in inform who are helping bring peace and freedom around the world. Let us take a moment to realize how really blessed we are.

May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.

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