Why another Blog?

8:32 AM

Some of you who read yesterdays post (a.k.a. as my first post) may have been wondering why I started a blog. I mean, let’s face it, there are thousands of blogs out there and many of them end up with only few faithful readers. There are also a lot of really good blogs out there like Young Ladies Christian Fellowship and Maidens of Worth as well as others, so why yet another blog? I started this blog so that I could put my God given skill of writing to good use as well as work on improving my ability as a writer.

If you notice a mistake or see a way that I can improve my writing, please by all means leave me a comment about it and I will work to change it. I want all of you who read this to be actively involved in helping me improve my writing and in making this blog a fun place to be. To that end, I would like everyone to tell me what you big dream in life is. What do you feel God has destined you to do?

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  1. Hi Sarah! I feel God has lead me to be a homemaker. I would love to be a stay-at-home mom with a family and homeschool my children someday (no I am not married at this time!). I am committed to courtship and so I am still waiting to see if God has a family of my own in His plans for me. Right now though I would love to get a home business of some kind going. I feel that this is what God has told me to do. He lead me awhile back to not go to college or get a job outside of the home (and out from under my father's protection!). So that is where I am at, just seeking out His will in my life in this period of waiting. =:-)