Genteel Blooms

9:32 AM

A little over three years ago, my sister Rose and I wanted start a girls group that would encourage younger girls to grow in there homemaking skills and faith. And thus, Genteel Blooms was born. For the past three years every second Tuesday of the month, from March to September, a group of girls ages eight to twelve have met at our house. We have a lot of fun teaching them about sewing, cooking, scrapbooking, or whatever happens to be the skill that we are trying to teach them that month.

One of the things I have learned from this is something that many people have said; you learn twice as much from teaching as you ever did when you were a student. I have learned a lot about leading a group of girls, how to prepare ahead of time for meetings, and a lot about how important some of the simple skills I take for granted are. One of the biggest thing that I have learned though is how to prepare a Bible study.

You see, it is my job to prepare and lead the girls in the Bible study. I have learned a lot over the past three years about not only what to study but also what questions to ask. I have learned that a lot of the girls I teach struggle with there siblings and how to love them even when they are being mean. One of the things that this year we focused on is how to apply each lesson to how we should treat our siblings.

Specking of that, I better go get ready for Genteel Blooms, this is the second Tuesday of the month and the girls will be here in a few hours.

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