The Kate's Case File's Fan Group and More

3:30 AM

I recently released Kate's Informant to the world. I'm neck-deep in rewrites for the next book in the series, Kate's Hope. I thought I might take a moment and share some fun Kate's Case Files information.

There's a new fan group on Goodreads! I was so excited that one of the readers of this series started a group for fans can talk about the book. I hop on sometimes to say hi, read what people are saying, and even give some helpful tidbits. Check it out HERE.

You can still join the Kate's Case Files promotional team. This is a long-term group that will exist through the launch of the last book in the series. If you're interested in helping to promote the series. You can go HERE to apply to join.

Kate's Christmas audiobook is finally here! My narrator and I started working on it before the book was published. Life threw her a major curve ball and she sent me the completed files right before my wedding. It took me a while to finally get to actually listening and approving them. However, I'm happy to say that it's now available. You can check it out HERE.

Not sure if this series is for you? You can try out the whole series on Kindle Unlimited. Personally, I love paying for a month (or better yet taking Amazon up on free trials) and checking out books I'm interested in. So, if you want to try Kate's Case Files and other awesome books, get Kindle Unlimited and read for free. 

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