Broken Hearts, Broken Computers, and Healing Friendship

7:39 PM

I finally did it. After all this time of having drinks near my computer, I finally killed a keyboard with a spill. Thankfully, it was only the computer keyboard. However, this is what my office looked like for a day.

I was very blessed to use my Mom's Bluetooth keyboard with my computer for most of the week. However, I spent one day using it with my Kindle Fire, while I waited for my friend, Scott to check my computer and make sure that the keyboard was the only item affected. Scott was able to get my computer up and running very quickly. I now have a very shiny keyboard.

This week, our family has been very blessed with a visit from Sierra. We took her to play laser tag with us. It was a blast for all the siblings and Sierra.

Allergies have been giving me fits, but I'm happy today my allergy medicine has finally built enough that I don't have burning eyes. I can return to reading this book and working on my quilt.

This week hasn't been without its challenges. I've come in contact with a lot of hurting people, and it breaks my heart and want to rise up to defend them. Today, I felt as if I was given some great insight. I was listening to someone pour out some of their heart to someone else, and my younger sister was watching me.

"Stop that," she whispered.
"Stop what?" I whispered back.
"You are doing this." She cupped one hand near her year and pretend to pick up things with her other hand, dropping them into the cupped hand. "You try to take peoples pain and make it better. If you could, you would take away the pain from others until it killed you."

I always am interested in seeing how my siblings see me and the insight we have.

I've been thinking a lot about how we as Christians should react to the emotional pain both within ourselves and in others. I have a lot of ideas that will probably culminate in a story at some point in the future. Right now, I have three things that I keep returning too:

1. Trouble, pain, hurt, and trials are something God told us we could expect.
2. Self-control is an important concept in scriptures, and there is no exception clause for when we are in pain.
3. I do not have to rely on my  strength, praise God!

I'm grateful not only for what God is teaching me but that I don't have to learn it alone. Yesterday, when I was feeling really down, I stayed up late texting a friend. I'm so blessed that they were willing to point me to Jesus and listen to me share my heart. Isn't it great that God gives us friends and family so we don't have to walk alone?

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. That's so awful about your keyboard ;0 I love drinking tea as I write... I freak out that this might happen to me, too ;/

    That is very sweet of you to be so compassionate. There aren't many of those type of people left these days. I hope God blesses you for loving :)

    My week has been very interesting! I've been in Las Vegas with my family, attending federal court trials, visiting at the Bundy ranch, visiting homeless camps, visiting an elderly 93 year old doctor that was recently released from prison. I've also been feeling miserable with a cold the whole time, but it has still been a good week. I'm glad to be home now, though.