Tracking Ruby

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Description: When bookworm Deputy Sophie Brown, rescues a seemingly want to be a trouble-maker who likes his coffee black as his boots; she far from realizes the impact he will have on her life. She is more worried about finding her own suitable Mr. Darcy in a town of undashing and undesirable Col. Wickham's and Mr. Collin's. Jesse is searching for redemption and a hidden “Ruby.” Rescuing a deputy, and wrangling her into his mission isn't a part of his plan, however, when they land in trouble together, can he save her and rescue the family treasure?

I was so excited when Dad offered to buy me a book as part of a Black Friday sale that some indie authors were putting together. I picked to pre-order a copy of Jessica Greyson’s release because I knew that I would love it. I did.

This book has an old western feel to it, with lots of action, adventure, and a touch of romance. I liked that, though a work of pure fiction, it was based on the historical fact that there had been a young girl who had been made a deputy. The setting helped shape another one of Greyson’s strong yet feminine characters that I adore.

Sophie is a strong girl with deep pain. She is frustrated with God for taking her mother, obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, and just happens to be a sixteen-year-old Deputy. She is a tough girl, loves her brother and father, doesn’t like her aunt, and has a hurting heart. What is not to love with such a dear character like that?

 Sophie meets Jesse in the middle of a fight. He has wit, he has charm, and he also gets himself arrested…by Sophie. In one day, he manages to sweep Sophie into a dangerous adventure. He ends up making an amazing hero.

The faith element wasn’t very heavy, yet it suited the books so well. It felt like a warm cup of tea on a cold morning. It wasn’t very strong, but it was warming and soothing. The story had some violence that made things pretty tense, including some torture. However, there weren’t any graphic details. While probably not what you want to read right before you go to bed, it also won’t be keeping you up with nightmares. The romance also was light, sweet, and not the main point of the story.

So why only four stars? Well…It is hard to say, because it revolves around a point in the plot toward the end. I don’t want to give anything away. Basically, Jesse does something to add tension to the story. I felt it didn’t make a lot of sense and hurt the ending a little. While I loved the story, that one element detracted enough that I had to mention it.

I highly recommend this story to those who love western type stories, Greyson’s other books, or are looking for a fun, adventure filled story.

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  1. This intrigues me! I'm now curious to read it... Great review. :)