Welcome to my New Writing Corner!

8:30 AM

Yes, I redid my writing space so that it looked fresh and ready for the new year. One wall holds mostly quotes and bits of of paper with ideas and whatnot while one wall is my encouragement wall and holds art and letters people have written me about my writing. 
Above me, I have my ever growing Revloutinay war books, copies of the books I have written, and my small collection of books on writing. 

Snoopy is my writing mascot, has been ever since last year when Mom gave me "Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life." My sister, Rose gave me a stuffed little Snoopy for Christmas, my mom gave me the comic strip, and my friend Jessica made the round Snoopy and drew the pretty drawing of Snoopy and Woodstock. 

Tell me about your writing/work space.

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  1. Nice writting space! I love that Snoopy is your mascot :)
    My writing space is usually just wherever I am. I do have a desk in my room but it's usually covered with schoolbooks and laundry I haven't put away yet.

    1. Eliza,

      I did that for a long time, I just found I did much better with a dedicatied work space. (I stil work on the couch sometimes)


  2. My writing space is all over the place. On the couch if my desk is cluttered, or at my desk if the living room is too loud. lol! I like the way you've arranged yours!

  3. What a cozy writing corner! Looks GREAT! Love the books on that shelf.