Film Friday: The North Avenue Irregulars

1:23 PM

I call myself an old Disney nut, not for their animated films, but for their live-action films made in the 50’s-70’s. This film is one of the later ones, but it is a very fun film where the pastor is the hero, and he fights for what is right. 

Pros: Clean, funny, family friendly, pastor shown as the good guy. Family and church are shown as good, normal things. 

Cons: There are a couple of comments that vaguely relate to crude events, but nothing very clear. One scene is with a bunch of guys in their undershorts, but it doesn’t last very long. One scene has a girl in a not-so-decent dress.

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  1. My siblings and I grew up on this movie because it is based on the story of a man my grandpa went to seminary with. :) I'm not sure how much is true, but we like it anyway.

  2. That is one of my favorite movies! :)