Film Friday: Beyond the Mask

1:00 AM

This movie has action, adventure, a bit of romance, and is set in the American Revolution. Yes, just about everything I want in one movie. Besides, my sister worked on the marketing team, so I feel that I have a special tie to the movie.

Pros: Strong faith message, clean, action packed, introduction to historical time period.

Cons: a bit choppy at times, some parts of plot hard to follow, and lots of explosions.

Note: There is one chaste kiss at the end. While I personally felt that it was both form a moral and film standpoint fine, some people might want to know about it

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  1. I just watched that movie again today! :) My sister and I love it! I hope the director does more of those type of great Christian movies! We need more Christian movies in this world. I especially liked the Revolutionary War setting.

  2. Your blog is very nice, BTW. :) I'm still working on getting mine designed and going.

  3. Yes yes, yes!!! I love this movie SO MUCH!!! :D