Looking Back...

1:00 AM

2015 has been a very full year with many wonderful blessings.

I was able to meet some of my favorite authors in May. 

I got to see a friend play Ariel in The Little Mermaid play.

I got to see a movie that my sister spent a month helping to promote

I was able to visit author and friend, J. Grace Pennington a couple of times.

I worked at Austin Disaster Relief Network as Call Center Manager.

I hugged and cried with my sister as she struggled with being single 

My dear friends Rachel and Jessica came for a visit.

I was in a dear friend's wedding.

I walked along grieving people who lost so much in the floods and heard their stories

I lost a dear friend and co-worker.

My family has continued to work at the food pantry every Saturday

I have been blessed, through it all.

Good-bye 2015. Thank you to God for everything it held, both good and hard.

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