NaNo Day 6

12:19 PM

There are some days, especially when I am trying to meet a deadline, that I need inspiration. I get discouraged, tired, or overwhelmed. So here are some of the things that I do to gain inspiration.

Take a Walk: If I hit a wall, I will often take twenty minutes and just walk. It is amazing how a change of scenery and some movement will help the creative juices to flow.

Make some tea: My dear friend Elisabeth Allen sent me some tea all the way from England. I reserve it for times when I am writing and having a hard time concentrating. Pick something to eat or drink that you only do when you are writing. This will help your brain to focus.

Play a game: I actually find it very helpful, on occasion, to play a game for a few minutes every couple of hours when I am writing. I normally play a computer game that I can easily spend ten minutes on and then leave. My favorites are time management games (Sally’s Spa and Diner Dash being two of my favorites).

Read blog posts: Reading what other authors have written, especially if it is about their own struggles and triumphs of NaNo, can be very helpful.

How do you gain inspiration?

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