Multitudes on Mondays: Grandken

11:23 AM

Two weeks ago today, we buried my Grandken which is why my blog as been so quiet.  Today, these are a few of the things that I am thankful for.

#191. A Grandfather that was a part of my life
#192. A Grandfather who cared
#193. A Grandfather who was taught me about being generous
#194. A Grandfather who wanted to be around me 
#195.  My mom. Without my Grandken, she wouldn't be here
#196. The time my Grandfather had on this earth
#197. For my amazing cousin, whom I call Uncle Tom. Thanks for doing the funeral 
#198. This life is not the end, only the beginning
#199. I have a living hope
#200. The life of my Gandken.  I will miss you!

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