Writing Saturday: H is for Helpers

1:00 AM

No book ever comes into being without the help of others.  Here are a few of the People that have helped me along;

Alex G.
A friend of mine who was the first ever to read any of my books outside my family.  Shieham, my first book, may not have been great but Alex encouraged me to start writing.

Eliza A.
The first person outside my family to ever read The Destiny of One.  She made me believe that it was worth sharing with the world.

My faithful editor who seems never gets tired of laughing at… I mean fixing my mistakes.

Mom and Rose
My cheerleaders, and first readers.

The rest of my siblings
Always thinking that my books are the ‘bestest’.

Jessica Philips and Arianna
My writing buddies you keep me writing all the time and cheer me up when I get discouraged

Rachel Philips, my sister Nicole, RJ, Laurie S., and the other members of my editing team
You guys are awesome!

Christina Hastings
My incredible cover designer. I don’t know how she does it, but she makes my books look great.

My readers, who keep wanting more.

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  1. aww! :) Love you my Sarah! <3 The same goes for you on my side. :) You are such an encouragement to me and always challenge me to keep writing.

    and about that editing... *cough* yeah, I'm working on it. Honest! I finished another chapter and a half of your book today and will probably work more on it tomorrow after church. So, there will be some more stuff for you to sift through on Monday morning. :D

    Love ya girlie!

  2. Awwww, this is such an adorable post. That's what I love about you, Sarah ~ you're such an awesome, grateful author!